On Friday, June 1, 2001, The founders, Drs Sumargono , Drs Mursono and Mr. Muslan has vowed to set up PT. Kharisma Astra Nusantara with any dreams of becoming a big company , long-term healthy and growing throughout the archipelago and in particular the international in general. With hopes and ideals and noble intentions of the founders of the company hope that is helpful to families and communities that need jobs.

PT. Kharisma Astra Nusantara is engaged in the Logistics Center that is managed in a professional manner both on infrastructure , human resources, with integrated system and networks throughout the area both internal and externally, by always improving excellence service and a center solution for customers and employees , and co-workers.

The desire to keep one step ahead, always encouraged the founders to make innovations and new breakthrough in the hope of satisfying all parties that joined the Company in PT. Kharisma Astra Nusantara.

Expectations of the founders with the intention to later saved the world and the hereafter.


Drs.H.KPH.Sumargono Kusumohadiningrat

Drs.H. Mursono Siswohardjono

H. Muslan AR